Sunday, December 12, 2010

Unique New York

This one's for you Kail: Thank you.

Heading to the big apple on Monday for my annual christmas trip. I always have a huge sigh of relief when I land in the city that never sleeps; there is just nothing like the pulsing, humming, living entity that is New York City- especially during the holiday season. I spend my week wandering around the streets, frequenting coffee shops, restaurants, markets, shops, and martini bars, trying to be like a true New Yorker (Oh one day, Jules....). There are a couple of things I always do to make myself feel at home- head downtown to Balthazar for brioche and coffee, Columbus Circle to Bar Boulud for soup, corn bread and flights of wine, and the MoMa and Guggenheim when it's too cold out to walk.

I was speaking to my boss today about her desperate need to purge of clothes she doesn't wear any more. She feels overwhelmed by her bulging closet. I was tremendously flattered when she asked for my help and said she wanted to have a more minimalistic look, LIKE ME!!! Clearly the woman has known me less than a year; friends who have had to endure my bedroom closet/pig sty/craziness back west wouldn't exactly call on me for decreasing-the-wardrobe advice. However, I have recently matured from a hoarding bohemian wannabe to a more simplistic, monotonal, architectural, dresser. This means I wear fewer items of clothes-I know, shocking- in many many many different combinations. Wouldn't my mother be proud of me? I can hear her now "Investment pieces, investment pieces, investment pieces". My boyfriend is convinced I have turned goth, but I swear I just have a new appreciation for black... all over.... head to toe.... turban included.

I used to make the mistake of heading to New York during the Christmas season and coming back with a lot more quantity vs. quality, hence the lack of a small closet. However, for the past 3 years, I have headed to the big city armed with a specific short(ish) list of things I want to find. At the end, I head home with key investment pieces (usually classics with an updated touch that will fit into my individual style spectrum for eternity) and spend the rest of my savings on good food and good art. This week I am basking in the delight of heading back "home" to NYC, and enjoying my unique, minimalistic closet space.

Here are a couple of things I cannot wait to find!
1. Boots: Such as...
2. Outerwear: I am freezing my ass off in Halifax (laugh all you want Eastcoasters, those atlantic winds are killer for a girl in a lululemon rain jacket). While the images below probably won't fix the problem, I want to find a shearling bomber, a menswear-inspired coat, or a parka, or all of the above.
3. Textured sweaters
4. Fine vintage finds: I will be scouting out the consignment stores first to see what I can find second hand. Wouldn't mind coming across some hidden, precious heirloom pieces. With a closet like mine, and hand-me-downs from madre, I'm sure the 5 sons I'm bound to have will enjoy these treasures.
 Bulgari necklace, Chanel Backpack

4. Shades: I want round frames, okay?
5. Pamela Love: designs that leave me speechless. This woman somehow creates all the pieces that I see in my dreams. I wake up drooling.


  1. LOVE this post! Back to the Jules I know and Love.


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