Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fine Finds at Elsie's

      My first Store Profile is on a place that, in just 4 weeks, has become incredibly near and dear to me: Elsie's on Queen StreetWhile the place is jam packed, every piece is well worthy of the space it occupies. It's the dream attic that a minimalist-meets-eclectic like myself fantasizes about.
      Owner Maureen stocks her second-hand sanctuary with equal parts of high-end investment pieces (at great prices) and no name irreplaceable beauties. Everything is on display via antique chairs, chests and bookshelves, as well as hanging on light fixtures and tree branches throughout the store. In between the shoes snaking around on the floor, and the racks of sweaters and coats, are antiques knick knacks that add a genuine hospitable touch. 
      I am always checking out the lux furs (I bought a recycled fur lapel for cold nights), and broken-in purses (there are tons! I found a small black Ferragamo for pennies). This time, I found delights like vintage Chanel plaid pants, red velvet Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, a Hudson's Bay signature coat, an Hermes-inspired structured purse, and the one thing I walked away with: a pure virgin wool and cashmere beige coat. 
      My mother doesn't understand consignment. As my friends will remember, she always says, "it was bad the first time it was in style". However, the woman does have an appreciation for well-kept vintage. And while she laughs at the smelly mohair sweaters I bring through the door (I'll admit, I generally only wear them once), there is nothing I like more than a minimalist look spiked with a vintage punch. My cashmere jacket will hopefully impress her when we head to New York together in December. 

Welcome to Elsie's Used Clothing: 1530 Queen Street, (902) 425-2599.

Shelves upon shelves of accessories and shoes

Soap handmade in NS- patchouli is my favourite.

vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes surrounded by antiques

Vintage furniture and shoes everywhere! 

Bee hive art

knick knacks

An antique love seat covered with knits and vintage LLBean

two floors of fine finds

Some things I picked out: Gorgeous lock and an amazing leather that looks like wood!

 A great take on the Hermes classic, with a strong clasp and a punch of gold.

The girl that came home with me: Pure virgin wool and cashmere beige coat with fur trim hood/shawl.


   My personal style has morphed from boho queen to more sleek and clean, however I've always loved a touch of lux or something different. What better way is there to add that wow factor than some second-hand fine finds? The store's pieces are all of good value and strong quality. The only thing I walked away with was the cashmere coat- so go find something!



  1. these pics are great.

    love the post!

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  2. are you kidding me!? that coat is AMAZING. i am drooling.

  3. GORGEOUS coat!! what your mom says sounds like something my mom would say, too :P but no way- this coat is really pretty. i'm jealous that you live in nova scotia- i always fantasized about it there- i owe it to anne of green gables ;P ;P (well, i dream about prince edward island too).. i'm interested in reading about all your fashion finds there.

  4. AMAZING post. Love the store feature. I think you should do many more!

    Gorgeousssss coat.

  5. Nice! I love the vintage bags that you picked up! :)


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