Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halifax Street Style

Those who know me well, know that I have a pretty sincere sense of my own personal style. I don't do the whole party-in-the-changeroom thing, where everyone comes out and discusses what they have on. I do best when shopping alone, with my trusty ipod, in order to drown out any sales associates trying to give me advice. And I don't ask for many opinions. Basically I know what I like, and I know what works for me- I can tell if something looks tres chic or tres shit (please, pardon my french). 

The reason I love fashion is because it's a chance for people to creatively express themselves. Whether you are still working out the kinks and trying to find the "voice" of your personal style, or if you, like me, know what you like, all of our fashions are beautiful, purely because we are putting them out there. What we wear is just a small way of us showing others who we are, and what we stand for. Whether you present yourself to the world in something that is more of the norm, or take a chance with something that is unique, expressing yourself through fashion is a courageous act!

 Below, is my Halifax Street Style mission, to pull out inspirational outfits, on inspirational people. Watch as the list of images grows!

Eclectic Beauty

Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Free people
Dress: Free people
Boots: Value Village

Sandi and Laura

Sandi's jacket: Biscuit General Store
bag: second hand
Laura's outfit: a mix of second hand clothing and American Apparel
 I first met Mitchell in class. He was wearing a gorgeous Givenchy sweater courtesy of Value Village. It was basically love at first sight (for him, and the sweater). Today I loved his boots, and the military detailing on his sweater. 
Scarf: Joe Fresh
Sweater: Vintage
Slacks: American apparel
Boots: Spring

Meet Eman. I loved her hijab (head scarf). It had a very nice equestrian feel, like an Hermes scarf traditionally would. Her vintage leopard-print shoes did a great job of bringing out the colour in her bag, and added spunk to her outfit.
Jacket: Bebe
Jeans: Envy
Shirt: Newport News
Bag: Michael Kors
Shoes: Vintage
Head scarf: from Egypt!


  1. Great post! I almost bought the purse that sandi is carrying (or a version of it) yesterday at Delux Junk in gastown for Scarlett... totally her style!

  2. I love these street style photos and the their descriptions, I hope to see more of these. I am going to follow if you like my blog maybe you can follow too?
    Kisses from Madrid,


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