Saturday, November 6, 2010

Furs are like wines...

I had a lot of angst about this post- hence the delay. I wasn't sure if I was ready to label myself as someone who is "okay with fur for fashion". As a current lover of beef, who went without meat products for 7 years, I guess I am still constantly having an internal battle about where I stand on the topic. But here it goes anyways... 

 I cannot deny that with the reinstatement of furs, comes a curiosity about what it feels like to rock one (on the outside) around town. Fortunately, modern technology has given us many faux furs that look close to real without the need to kill. And while I don't think I could stomach purchasing one new, knowing the animal lived not too long ago, I do enjoy the idea of buying/inheriting used furs. I guess it has something to do with the idea of "recycling" the coat- that if an animal was killed to create it at one point in history, the piece should not be tossed out or forgotten. Am I making any sense? 

Good furs are like good wines... they get better with age. I like the idea that there are so many ways to wear a fur these days, and while you walk around looking anything from elegant to edgy, you are keeping someone else, and the way they wore their coat, alive. Below are some classic, eccentric, edgy and lux ways of wearing furs. 

Complete Classics: think timeless, elegant, and well-tailored. 

Vintage & Eclectic:go all out and find your inner bohemian- play with different weights and textures of garments from around the world,
 and from different eras.

Vogue Russia Abbey Lee Kershaw

cannot remember. anyone? 

cannot remember. anyone?

Lapels:I am spicing up my pea coats, blazers, and leather jackets with one of these this winter. Found mine cheap at Elsie's

altamira: models off duty Frida Gustavsson

Deluxxxee: throw on a luxurious and loud fur to look old school Hollywood, and don't you dare forget to accessorize with gloves, shades, bags, jewels etc... 

Vogue Turkey November 2010

fashiongirl jalouse magazine, november 2010

Edgie & Minimalistic:stay neutral and sleek, keeping your lines long and lean, and your colour schemes simple.

fashiongirl linnea b

Whether you are a fan of merlot, cab sab, or pinot gris, furs are like wines and only get better with age! 


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