Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm All Reddy

I never, ever, thought I would blog. While I have an archive of thousands of style photos saved to my hard drive, and a box of spreads ripped from magazines dating back to 1996, I never thought I’d generate this conscious stream of fashionable thoughts for anyone to read. I guess you could say, while I dress distinctively and assertively, I am a pretty private person.    

Though I say that I love fashion- that is not to say that I think I know everything about it. To me, there is no “knowing” style- it is this infinite, intangible, innate thing that is constantly changing and evolving within all of us.  
I see in colours, shapes, structures, and textures, and that is why I like this art form so much. I do not think I am right, I do not think my tastes are superior to others’, my principles of thought are by no means laws of style, and I will never use the term fashionista to describe myself.

All I can say is that I’m All Reddy to take this on. So, welcome to Jule of the Nile (JOTN). If you have any suggestions or comments please contact me, I am interested in hearing what I can do to improve!

An old personal fave. Unfortunately saved so long ago I cannot remember the source...based on time likely Knightcat


Vogue USA, October 2010, Carey Mulligan
Flare Magazine, October 2010, Maritime tale

Caroline's Mode 

Caroline's Mode

The Sartorialist 








Altamira: Models Off Duty

Vogue USA, Sept 2010


Caroline's Mode, Balmain s/s 2011

Caroline's Mode, touches of Red!

Le Fashion, Dree Hemingway

J Crew Lookbook, styled by Jenna Lyons 

These days I am looking for red accents to ignite my outfits as the skies turn grey and cloudy. Hope you enjoyed this one- get all reddy for more JOTN.



  1. yumm, that definitely makes me crave more red!

  2. I love that last image.

    New follower :)

  3. Julia, this post was just fabulous. You are so secure in what you right and the fact that you know you are not the only fashion goddess in the world is refreshing. My friend, you are wonderful and this post is just an attestation to that. Keep up the fabulous work xxoxxo


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