Monday, October 25, 2010

My Week is Wide Open

Bear with me while I get back on track with blogging. I recently moved into a new apartment, and I have been consumed with decorating (much to dan's dislike). Apart from my iphone, internet access has been sparse in between work and moving! 
Now, as my week becomes wide open, I am looking forward to adding new things to JOTN.

Here are some ideas I have and things to come:

1. Store Profiles- fine finds I have found around Halifax, and a look at the places that I found them in.
2. More Hali Street Style
3. What I am wearing- some tangible examples of what I am loving, what I am wearing lately, and where you can get similar looks.
4. Gender Benders- no matter what junk you are walking around with between your legs, here are some outfit ideas that bend all conventional gender-specific rules. 

Anyways, today, is all about the return of the wide leg. I was introduced to the wide leg at a young age. The simple yet elegant trouser has been an immortal staple for the women in my household (mother, and I). My mother was all about buying me well tailored suits far before I ever had a job (I still don't have an occupation that requires the sophisticated ensembles she bestowed upon me at age 11). While the gorgeous sets were often waisted on my then-boyish frame, I fell in love with the roomy, yet utterly perfect fit of women's slacks, and looked forward to dinner parties and events where I could wear the chic pant. 

Being an avid athlete in high school with a boyish build (a lack of TNA), but also muscular legs, I always secretly found it more challenging to shop for bottom pieces than tops. I went to great lengths to try to make my legs look longer and leaner. I would buy my bottoms a couple sizes up to give the illusion that my legs where lost somewhere in the pant. My friends will also remember the days I cladded jeans made for little boys, before boyfriend cuts were made with women in mind. 

While I felt good about the loose fit, the wide waist, and the concaving butt pockets always looked sloppy. The fit made it difficult to look more mature and clean cut. Now, my beloved wide leg is being revisited, and just like that my week has opened right up!  I can get that feminine, well-groomed look, with the roominess in the thighs, and without the bagging in the behind.

Here are some of my favourite examples to give you some ideas.



Elle, October 2010


Elle, September 2010



the sartorialist 

the sartorialist 

the sartorialist 

the Sartorialist



Still loving style.



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