Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Leather into Your Heart

I'll admit it. I love to shop. It is an ongoing joke for all my friends who have seen me through the years of impulsive buys and extreme aversion to ripping off price tags. Yes, I have been known to buy things, never wear them- not even once- just to go and donate them a few years later.

 While I fight my mother when she begs me to cut down the bulk in my closet, I cannot deny that her rules of style have been invaluable to keeping me in line and shopping smart. 

One principle that has seen me through the years, and has helped define my personal style since the meagre age of 9 is the importance of investing in classics. Even better are those classic pieces that have an added twist. A new spin on a timeless silhouette keeps it true to its eternal nature, but also makes it raw and new.  

To me, the looks of a/w 2010 have introduced a touch of leather to some of our favourite classics. And just like that, I have leather (let her) into my heart... 

The simple yet sleek addition of leather keeps straightforward classics in line with their everlasting personality, while adding a touch of elegance, along with some edge. The added medium also helps basic pieces transition from day to night. 

Below are some of my favourite examples of leather, adding a whole new level of chic to some of fashion's everlasting classiques.

A basic grey goes from clean and casual to clearly commanding.

Celine's LLD

Flare Magazine, October 2010
A new take on a basic long sleeve.

Vogue Nippon, Fall 2010

Michael Kors, s/s 2011

Don't turn your back on fashion's classics, which will forever stand the test of time. But be gutsy enough to show off your new takes on ageless pieces, whether it be with leather details or unique twists of your own.



  1. Love the leather!!! And love this blog even more.
    Keep it coming!

  2. Love the lace and leather! I saw a wicked leather/mesh dress by BCBG at All Dressed Up in Bedford the other day actually. A-mazing! Great job on the blog Jules. :)


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